Medical Services

Primary care and Orthopedics Care

Stem Cell injections

Clinicians have used amniotic tissue for over a century as a biologic dressing in a broad range of therapeutic applications. The unique extracellular structure, biologic components, and the immune privilege that characterize its function in the mother, make it a safe, natural platform for RE-generation. Studies have shown that amnion and the placental tissues are a rich source of collagens, growth factors, cytokines and inherent cells essential for fetal growth and development.


Sports Physicals

Sports physicals are completed by the physician for middle and high school student athletes. Patients should bring the school required form at time of appointment with all health history questions completed, along with payment of $50.


Short for “proliferation therapy”, prolotherapy is a non-surgical treatment in which a solution is injected into an injured area of the body in order to stimulate inflammation and healing. Commonly used for tendon and ligament injuries, prolotherapy is effective in aiding the repair of weakened connective tissues in many parts of the human body. Treatment typically consists of a single injection every 2-6 weeks for several months for a total of 2-5 injections.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is a form of prolotherapy in which blood plasma with a high platelet concentration is injected into the site of an injury. Once injected, healing factors contained within the PRP that naturally repair the body’s cells are activated to stimulate inflammation and healing. PRP is effective in treating injuries to bones, tendons, ligaments, and other soft tissues and is created using the patient’s own blood.


Workers’ Compensation

We offer services for work-related injuries that are individually designed for each patient in the context of their job. Our goal is to return you to your previous position in a stronger, safer and more healthy state. Our approach will include exercises and job-specific activities focused on pain relief, strengthening and activity education/modification.